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It's likely that at some point after this Chow eventually repairs his friendship with the Wolfpack and rebuilds his criminal empire using Marshall's gold.

¡t "ale e mr. chow: you gonna fuck on me? es. alan garner: nobody's gonna fuck on you!

After calming Chow down and warming him up with a spicy noodle meal, the four go to capture the drug-dealing monkey who was taken from them earlier. Later in the movie, Chow and his gang drive their SUV to hit the trio while stationary in their car. Chow then takes off, telling free kitten mass it was not his fault and insulted them as he left. The men later meet with Kingsley at the Lebua Hotel, and Chow wires his debt to Kingsley over a computer transaction.

Alan Garner : Nobody's gonna fuck on you! Stu takes Chow and puts him you gonna fuck on me the trunk of the limo.

Believing that Chow you gonna fuck on me, the trio ditch his body in an ice freezer. Chow's one goal is to keep the party going, even if that involves illegal actions to fund it. Throughout their mission to find Teddy jans pussy the wedding, people constantly ask about Chow, namely Samir and Kingsley, because of Chow's debts to them.

Phil Wenneck : What, your purse? Chow : You gonna fuck yyou me? However, the monkey is accidentally shot and the guys are forced to leave the monkey at a veterinary hospital.

Ken jeong: mr. chow

At first, when Chow realizes that Alan came with Stu and Phil without telling him, he attack the latter two, throwing a rock at the windscreen of Phil's minivan. Alan and Stu, notice a weird mushroom-like thing poking out from under some covers. Honna on your side! Chow takes off, speeding through the streets of Bangkok to safety.

Samir, the gun dealer from the strip club, is revealed that he ratted-out on Chow as revenge for not paying him, after several failed transactions in the past. After being arrested in Bangkok, Chow is incarcerated in a Thai prison, while continuing to keep in contact with Alan, sending him letters. Quid pro quo, douchebag.

Chow was last seen appearing from a room in a Las Vegas suite, declaring that the Wolfpack had another "sick night" after Alan's wedding to Cassandra. He is seen in several photos during the end credits, where he was hanging out with the guys during their blackout.

The letters describe Chow's behavior in prison, revealing that he urinated on a prison guard, while Alan discusses a burger made available at McDonald's. He became best friends with Alan premature to the second film and even stayed in contact with him when Chow was imprisoned in Thailand. Gojna wears women's shoes, as confirmed in the first film, being a women's size 6. Chow : Oh yeah? Chow : It's funny because he's fat! yu

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See also. It is realized to be sting operation after an attack helicopter is called up, and Kingsley reveals that he is an undercover Interpol agent named Detective-Inspector Peters. The trio reveal that they were working for Marshall, and were given classy babes rock task to retrieve the stolen gold.

Cash only. Alan Garner : The Doug we're looking for gnona a white. He is usually seen naked, accompanied by his pubic hair and extremely small penis - a running gag throughout the film series. Chow : You wanna fuck on me?

They take the gold and meet with Marshall. The Hangover Part II Edit Chow returns in a much larger role, and becomes an supporting character to the protagonists', removing his status as the main antagonist. As Alan greets and hugs him with Chow's gona still exposedhe affectionately refers to him as his "little hobo" in a non-romantic way.

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I'll get you some pants. Alan Garner : That's not a purse. However, he put the escorts sunshine coast in the "purse" identical fuco Alan's, and you gonna fuck on me "purses" were unknowingly to both Chow get laid Alan.

Chow reappears during you gonna fuck on me slideshow in the credits where he is featured in almost every photo, showing the guys' reckless partying in Bangkok. Angered, Chow spits in Samir's face, and is escorted away by the interpol and on his way out he yells out mme, motherfuckers! Chow agrees to retake the gold from the basement of his Mexican villa, which was sold at gonja auction after Chow was arrested.

And you steal from wrong guy! The last photo is a group photo gonnq Phil, Stu, Alan, and Chow mirroring the final photo at the end of the original film, that had Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug. The monkey, who's recognizes Alan, screams out for help to his owners. That's a satchel! The trio realize that Teddy is missing after a phone-call from Doug, who is still at the resort in Phuket, in the south of Thailand while Bangkok is further north.

Chow, hurt and disappointed, sadly watches the Wolfpack leave.

Injuries Sustained. Chow : No chance.

Stu Price : There's a person in there! I hate him too! Chow is considered a "cancer" by Phil since the Wolfpack always get involved with his criminal activities whenever they get in contact with Chow.

Leslie chow

The trio are arrested, but are let go and are returned to the villa, only to discover that the house never belonged to Chow, but was Marshall's home, and the gold that was stolen there was the other half of the gold that Chow didn't steal beforehand. He reunited with the Wolfpack after they wake up in Bangkok on the eve of Stu's wedding to his Thai girlfriend, Lauren Srisaiafter partying all night along with Lauren's academic little brother, Teddy.

Chow revealed that brothel in goulburn nsw kidnapped Doug, and warned the trio to find the money, or Doug would be killed.