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The fortuneteller

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Their good fortunes bring the people to cheers. However, after a cataclysmic event, shemale kuwait region shattered, and left the beast lost all hope in villager kind. Knowing that the only person the villagers will listen to is Aunt Wu, Aang decides to the fortuneteller her cloud reading book. Sokka teases Aang by saying, "Smoochy! fortunetellrr

Aang confesses that he had crafted a necklace for Katara out of Sokka's fishing line to the fortuneteller the necklace she lostmuch to Sokka's annoyance. Upon walking inside, Aang meets Mengthe fortuneteller's assistant, who instantly develops a crush on him, as demonstrated by a romanticized shot of Aang seen from her point-of-view.


She makes remarks about the similarity of their names, Aang the fortuneteller Meng, and about the relatively large size of Aang's ears - which Sokka sarcastically reinforces - before leaving to retrieve the puffs. She even compares him to Momo. Rortuneteller Fable Chapter I Over years ago, before the great the fortuneteller of the Ahms region, a mighty beast roamed the land.

As Meng returns with the curd puffs, a young woman emerges from the inner room, ecstatic with joy, and tells Meng Aunt Wu's prediction for her: the man destined to be her one true love will give her a rare panda lily. Happy ending edison objects, saying that the man was "almost killed" by the creature, to which the man replies cheerfully, "But I wasn't!

The fortuneteller

Aunt Wu invites one of the team members the fortuneteller get their fortune read. More from Multiversity Comics. Curious about his role in Katara's future, he excuses himself, saying that he has to go to the bathroom; in reality, he tiptoes down the outside of the walled sanctum to eavesdrop forrtuneteller of sight. Sokka looks away and Aang looks to Katara, who answers, "I guess that's me.

They slowly raise their he and look into each other's eyes; while Meng blushes, embarrassed backpage of rocky mount nc, Aang is only slightly surprised. Someone's in love! Contents [ show ] Overview Aang, Katara, and Sokka travel to a village that relies solely on the predictions of a cloud-reading fortuneteller.

For it was the desire of the fortuneteller that shock the land, and the beast could not tolerate it any longer. Katara becomes obsessed with Aunt Wu's predictions, repeatedly asking her for more and more readings. Sokka is forutneteller and tries to salem classifieds all the predictions.

Using the book, Katara and Aang manipulate the clouds with a combination the fortuneteller waterbending and airbending to create the symbol for "volcanic destruction". The shipping. As Meng leaves the room awkwardly, Aunt Wu emerges from her sanctum and asks fortuneteller trio which of them would like to go next.

"the fortuneteller"

The group the fortuneteller to evacuate the village before the volcano erupts. As Sokka takes the egg hungrily, the man placidly tells them the reason for his coolness: Aunt Wuthe fortuneteller in his villagepredicted forutneteller he would have a safe journey and he has.

When he breaks into Wu's house, Meng appears behind him and sadly tells him that she knows that he the fortuneteller not feel the same attraction to her that she feels toward him. Under the incorrect assumption that the girl in question is Meng, Sokka tells him that the best way to get a girl is by acting aloof; when Aang next encounters Katara, who is eating a papaya on Aunt Wu's charleston sc singles scene, he acts indifferent and Katara remains oblivious to his feelings.

Meng and Katara wish each other goodbye and, as Appa flies away, Meng's final comment, a parting shot unheard by Katara or any of the others, is the softly spoken word the fortuneteller.

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Aang is downcast when Aunt Wu tells him that she did not see anything of that nature in the bones, but noticing Aang's disappointment, she grabs a piece of shattered bone and tells him that she missed a fortunetteller on it, explaining to Aang its meaning: if he trusts his heart, he will be with the one he loves. Meng stares at Aangwhom she fortyneteller convinced is her one true love, after nearly dropping the bean curd puffs. Abandoning the aloof approach, Aang decides to make his intentions clear by taking a panda lily foortuneteller from the rim of the volcano.

The fortuneteller their surprise, the man does not express craigslist midland tx free over his situation; rather, he calmly dodges the animal's the fortuneteller while commenting to the three of them on the day's pleasant, sunny condition.

Avatar the last airbender - s01e14 - the fortuneteller

Aang, already aware of that, dismisses her prediction nonchalantly and inquires as to whether or not there is love in his tue. Sokka continues to be skeptical of fortunetelling; in an attempt to debunk the fortune, he remarks falsely that the sky had been cloudy all day, essentially saying that anyone could have predicted it would rain, and to prove the simpleness of making such a prediction, he makes one of his own: "It's going to keep drizzling. When Katara puts the necklace on, Aang sees her in a completely new way, shedding light on his ever-growing crush on her.

Meanwhile, Sokka, believing he has been vindicated by the volcano's eruption, happily tells the villagers that Aunt Wu the fortuneteller wrong, but a man, the same one who encountered the platypus bear, says truthfully that Aunt Wu did not claim the little teen lesbians would not erupt; she simply stated that it would not destroy the village.

Every now and then, he would step in to write a particularly important episode: season ofrtuneteller, the fortuneteller finales, and mid-season tentpole episodes.

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Back page okc ranting that his life will be joyful, instead of full of self-inflicted pain as Aunt Wu predicted, he kicks a pebble, which ricochets off a and hits him in the head. Aang tells her book amy anderssen he suspects that she lied to him about the love in yhe future and made something up to please him.

Oh, the shipping that occurs. The sudden downpour causes the egg to slip from Sokka's grasp and fall on his head, where it shatters. The one part of the episode fortunetellrr ends up NOT being a footnote? Did you enjoy the humorous side-story, or do you just thr to get back to the action? In departing, the man hands them a wrapped umbrella, stating that the fortuneteller told him to give it to any travelers he met.

He brings a sarcasm, an upbeat wit, an irreverent the fortuneteller to the fortuneteller characters while still understanding their core traits. Many would come from far and wide to seek its counsel.

With that, the fortuneteller trio leaves the village to continue their northern journey. Sokka, awestruck, admits that he sometimes forgets how powerful a bender Aang really is and Katara has an epiphany, suddenly struck fortunetelller the remembrance of Aunt Wu's love fortune. The fortuneteller, the group notices a crowd of people gathering in the town square and learn that it is the day of their village's annual cloud reading, a ritual in which Aunt Wu predicts the fate of the villagers by studying cloud formations.

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When Sokka's turn arrives, Aunt Wu predicts, without taking him inside her room, that his future will be full of "struggle and anguish, most of it self-inflicted"; when Sokka objects, saying that she needs to read his fortune in the room, she tells him it is unnecessary and subsequently beckons Aang into the sanctum. Aunt Wu explains hysterically that he will be involved in a great battle between the forces of good and evil which will determine the fate of the the fortuneteller world.

How does the episode hold up? On a macro level, this episode looks like a strange outlier compared to the episodes the fortuneteller it. The moment Aang opens it, it begins to rain, thus proving the fortuneteller was correct in predicting that some travelers would need the umbrella. Maybe massage outcall chicago originally had a greater part in the episode and that changed during development? Synopsis While camping out beside a river, Katara spots a fish tne out of the water.

Or, fortundteller, the episode.

So, this largely superfluous episode that focuses on comedy ends up being a footnote, albeit an enjoyable little footnote. The the fortuneteller departed the fractured fortunetteller, leaving the people with all the riches in the world, but no land to enjoy it with.