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A Finnish copy of the Naked News concept was broadcast on the country's Aluetelevisio cable television channel. After barely a month of operations, Naked News Korea, which featured topless news anchors, abruptly closed down amid allegations that the CEO, John Chau, disappeared with all of the company's money. In June plans for Naked News Korea were announced.

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In they copied the Naked News format in its entirety in a striptease newscast called Les Nuz, except the anchors keep their bottom underwear on. It featured a similar format to the Canadian version but with less nudity.

He always wanted to fuck her, cum in her, and now he could tne concentrate on that dom daddy a reality. His dick was so hard from the blowjob so the stepdaughter managed to feel every inch of his hard and throbbing manhood deep into her vagina. It was created to parallel the female version, but ceased production as it did not enjoy the female version's popularity and fame.

After the blowjob, it was time for him to show his stepdaughter tne he was made of. Although Chau bought the naming rights from the Naked News, it was never an official subsidiary of the Toronto-based Canadian company.

Beginning in Junetwo news segments could be viewed freely. Naked News launched a Japanese version of the show in However, this ended in December The website was elyria escorts entirely by word of mouth, [2] and quickly became a popular web destination.

By only one news segment could be viewed freely, [4] and byno free content remained on the website. A little bit of striptease later, and the blonde turns out to be wearing some of the hottest lingerie that she owns.

The show got canceled in Radio Tango — In this radio station based in OsloNorway began featuring stripping female weather readers in their broadcasts and on their website. He lied back and she went ahead and started gobbling up his cock.

She was still on her hands and knees with his white cum leaking out of her cunt when he pushed his cock into her and kept fucking her. He wanted to destroy her little pussy with his hard cock.

The show employed the erotic actress Maria Kekkonen as a reporter and the former pornographic actress Rakel Liekki also worked for the show. He took her and spread her slim legs and slid her panties to the side so that the could start fucking her pink pussy immediately.

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He plowed her mercilessly and made her orgasm again and again on his meaty member. In it was broadcast in Australia on The Comedy Channel via cable and satellite television platforms Foxtel and Austar. This was later revealed to be a scam.

Then, he shot a potent load of cum deep inside her young cunt. During the height of its popularity, the website was receiving naekd six million unique visitors per month.