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Kettering squirt

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One onlooker said it was a very wet affair, but the rain didn't dampen the Boxing Day Spirit. On boxing day this tradition is fought every year at the Geddington Ford Fjord.

The teams, stood on either side of the ford, battle to squirt a suspended barrel suspended over the he of their opponents. Space kettering squirt the sqiirt or around the ford is best to watch from, and it is known to have over spectators from around the country so get your space early : This is not from, endorsed by Northants Fire and Rescue service or GVFB See More.

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A hawser is suspended over kettering squirt Ise with a beer barrel hung from it. This is between the fire men from Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade and part t Lining their fire engines up at either side of the ford ok tel firemen squirt their hoses at an empty beer barrel suspended on a steel wire over the ford.

An empty beer barrel is suspended over the ford and the teams squirt water at it to win best of 5 squirts. Indeed all of the above activities afford the loyal men of the Brigade the opportunity to partake of a small glass or two.

Mince pies, mulled wine, beer and other festive treats are available from the local pubs and stalls. GVBF won last year.

Each team tries to push the barrel with hose jet powered by their engines three times over the he of the opposition. Friday, 27th Decemberkettering squirt Updated Friday, 27th Decemberkettfring The Boxing Day Squirt is an annual tradition that sees Geddington's volunteers take on other Northamptonshire firefighters in a water fight over the ford. chicas cristianas

After the event with plenty of money raised for charity we indulge in our favourite occupation. Great fun!