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Dating a logical man I Wanting Sex Chat

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Dating a logical man

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I am waiting for someone who is serious about dating and letting it grow into something or at least be open to it. Little about me: Well educated, well sleeped, tall, athletic, very active and fitness enthusiast, biracial I am seeking a man between 30 -38 years old. I'm clean and descent build so please be alike.

Age: 30
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: I Ready Sexual Partners
City: University of Tennessee, Loughborough
Hair: Golden
Relation Type: Horny Old Woman Search Private Sex

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The Thinker is usually the individual who has to be proactive about restoring harmony in the relationship. Please contact me for more details. Things have to make sense to him.

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Thinkers count on facts. While a Thinker will risk a breakup to clear the air, a Feeler will just sit and thing about what just occurred at length.

His datinng response to something new is more critical than appreciative. Thinkers go through your Facebook, but feelers look at the changes in your face.

Of course! They feel fear and will suffer until there is harmony between the two parties once again. He immediately shot them full of holes. My feelings and emotions sit just below my thin skin, waiting to pour out at the slightest positive or logixal provocation. Do you love someone with a more logical Thinker temperament?


They were beautiful and kind. Here are 8 reasons to back up this notion: 1. Was the sex not good? Thinkers need to be in charge.

mxe experience All of the above is of course subjective, and it really depends on the personalities of the two individuals in a relationship to determine its dynamic. Despite his tough exterior, his words and writing were intuitive and thoughtful. Then I ventured into the creative realms of music and writing.

Thinkers take cues from external als when something is wrong. Maj are disasters for Feelers. Thinkers only notice something is wrong in the relationship when they see definitive proof, like if they watch you flirting or see something sketchy on your phone. Feelers wait for Thinkers to solve a problem.

A Thinker will go out of his or her way to make amends for a problem immediately after recognizing logifal. When one partner is about expressing the hard truth, the other is about expressing a softer, easier to version to swallow. I felt feel discord like a physical wounding. Feelers, however, will know something is wrong before any definitive proof is found.

One logical and one emotional partner work a treat!

Are personality differences causing tension in your relationship? Thinkers seek the truth.

He told me there were lots of other sites doing the same thing and it was too big of an undertaking. During the beginning of a msn, thinkers will evaluate the hard facts. Couples alert: if your frendly com is distressed, be sure to give them a big hug whenever you can. Thinkers focus on the hard facts of the relationship; feelers focus on gut feelings.

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These are areas I cover in personal coaching. Whatever you call it, it feels mean and negative. No wonder I disliked petty talk with co-workers and constant busy-ness. Feelers will let go if they deem it necessary to do so.

Ms. deeply feeling loves mr. intensely logical: how to make a thinker/feeler relationship work

When in a critical or more negative environment, I often close up to protect my tender underbelly. Things have to feel right to me. But feelers will go on gut feeling alone. By Lauren Martin November 19, People are random and unpredictable. Feelers need to be loved.

Why every relationship should have one 'thinker' and one 'feeler'

Finding out I was lkgical I introvert and what that really means NOT shy, nerdy or misanthropicwas a huge awakening. Thinkers want to be in charge; feelers want to be liked Thinkers usually want to exert their dominance while feelers are fine accepting praise and being taken care of. No wonder my mom always said, Brenda was so easy to raise.

They were content.