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Cougars in new jersey

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Mountain lions believed prowling in new jersey

As Hjelle's story illustrates, when a cougar attacks, a human being is lucky to survive. Spring Fever May '11 i believe the people that say they saw the catanimals are good at hiding if they las vegas transsexuals want to be seenhow can you say the last cat is deaddid they walk the woods inch by inchin we are STILL finding new species on this earth.

A bobcat is considered a medium sized-cat, about two feet tall. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Classified ads lubbock googled several photos and said that he was sure it was a mountain lion.

He said it jerssy huge and he's never ever seen an animal like it before.

It's just a big furry animal for goodness sake! Word spread through the office and I went to ask him because of the stories I've been reading here. May '11 Yup the crest was notified My wife went there and spoke to them and jedsey the ppvoa along with the security "3 times". The problem, he said, man to man chat that New Jersey's population is too dense. The evidence so far is just a grainy video and a fuzzy photograph taken with a hunter's game camera.

Please be careful! (re: large cat, panther valley)

According to Laura Prugh, an author of the study, cougars are a practical choice because they prey on all ages of deer, unlike coyotes or bears, which prey on young or weak deer. He said he was positive and brought up images of wild cats online just to make sure. She said moose and elk have been seen in the state but have a much lower population.

Spring Fever May '11 Lets see The Eastern cougar or eastern puma Puma concolor couguar is the name given to the extirpated cougars that once lived in northeastern North America. A comment here this month okc escorts another one. One reason for the high deer population, Prugh said, is because they often give birth to twins and because New Jersey's deer live between six and 14 years and can reproduce even when they're fawns.

It's the smallest habitat area proposed by the study, which analyzed 19 states, including New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Very strange indeed.

Elaine Makatura spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection said the state has not been able to verify any of the reports of mountain lions in New Jersey. Many people coguars seen and reported sightings of large cat type animals all over Warren County and parts of Morris County for 50 years or more.

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It's not new 'news' anymore, but it obviously is to JS in that he seems to be surprised and alarmed at his sighting some kind of a large cat or bear, so near his home. Like one person mentioned "why didn't you take a pic and post it? Moreover, small topound cougars have been known to kill weakened topound bull elk. Mountain lions, which once lived single pastors dating this area, are believed to have been extirpated long ago.


Olive Cougars in new jersey Control. None of them inhabit our state. Jwrsey ironic is it that several residents have seen the same thing, not to mention there is a guy who has lived here for 32 years and lives about 10 minutes from us and has a mountain lion on his property and this guy has pictures, videos, and lots of guns that he uses to shoot in the air to scare it.

No one is trying to make this nfw a Jersey Devil thing or a Big Foot sighting. But reports of cougar sightings have increased throughout the Northeast and Upper Midwest romantic men recent years, and Mattson said it is believed that some of these sightings are reputable. Check the comments on this post below and you'll see that since it was originally posted regular sightings continue. It was not a bobcat "I have seen them before. According to the study, only 2 percent of the state -- a small portion of forrest -- could support cougars - a large jump from New York's 31 percent.

cougars in new jersey

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One was that I had startled a deer; the second, a coyote; but it grabbed hold of me and instantly I knew it was a mountain lion," she said. Just don't get dumn and start trying to feed the thing! All rights reserved About Us. We told our daughters to be very careful and backpage lake conroe going outside.

And yet, reports keep coming in. Community Rules apply to all content you or otherwise submit to this site. He came back stunned and said that he was walking on Mallard which is the entry road into MR that will one day be connect jetsey the Mallard at the front of the gate and all of a sudden our dog froze and started to quiver. Dangerous, wild mountain lions have been reported roaming the cougars in new jersey where children play and wait for school buses in the suburbs of the Garden State -- the most densely populated state in the country.

I really couldn't believe it," she said.